arneFirst off, I was about 12 minutes late getting into the levitra 10 mgs press box, so forgive me for not having an in depth halftime analysis. But, let me say this...I'm stumped by what I've seen.

Early on in the half, Nyarko and Oduro were continually making dangerous runs towards the box only to be turned away by the Seattle defense, and the Chicago D looked up to the task against a tough Seattle attack.

And then, late in the first half, Estrada takes a shot that is deflected by Arne Friedrich and lollygagged passed Sean Johnson. It was one of the more bizarre own goals I've seen. But then, aren't they all?

The attack has stalled, and now the Fire look  lost when they get the lcppm.org ball to the edge of the 18. They're passing it beautifully up until the box, and then are giving the ball right back to Seattle. They need to sharpen up, and quick.

The final quick point I've got is to keep an eye on the officiating, it's been pretty one way so far, let's hope it evens out.


*Correction: The goal was changed from an OG and credited to Seattle's David Estrada.

*Correction: The goal was changed back to an OG after the final whistle.