BeckhamShort version: MLS has made it cheaper to acquire designated players if they are young. The current rule charges a team’s salary cap $335,000 for each DP. Now, the charge drops to $200,000 for players between 21 and 23, and $150,000 for players age 20 or under. This helps bring young, still-developing talent to American soccer without as much of a budget risk to the teams. It also creates a more competitive international atmosphere in MLS instead of a retirement home for European stars. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Beckham, Henry (cheating bastard…), Keane, and others come to the States and play hard, but it’s going to be amazing to see young U20 and U23 stars come here and begin their legacies. One extra perk of the rule change is that a team can avoid the $250,000 fee for a 3rd DP if that player is 23 years old or younger. It should be interesting to see how the teams use these rule changes in the 2012 season. 

Long version: See the full article on MLSsoccer.com by clicking here.